What do you believe in? Life change in a few hours

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to get more from life than others? Curious to know what their secret it?
Well, change is something that can happen in an instant – however, for most people they don’t know how to change.

Most people simply wait and wait for things to change, but waiting doesn’t work. What happens in they then create beliefs around the idea, that then affects the way they experience the rest of their lives carrying a new rule to their experience.

Recently I was dealing with a person who described themselves as having anxiety. Normally when I hear this I listen very carefully to the rules in which they describe the problem. Basically, he was telling me exactly how he decides to be anxious and when he chooses it. Except he had no idea he was choosing it. In fact, he insisted that it just happens and nothing can be done about it because it is automatic.

The thing is we often experience something and don’t truly understand it. In fact, we can’t. As people, we make our own meaning to events based on our own past experiences and understanding.

What was fascinating about this person was his belief about what was possible. He closed himself to the possibility of change and guess how that was for him. Debilitating.

Fortunately, he was desperately seeking change and I took the opportunity to shift his belief about what is possible.

How? By asking him one simple question.
The question was; “how do you know”?
“I mean what makes you decide nothing can help”?
His answer; “Because nothing has before”.

Now, reading this, you can appreciate that he can’t possibly know that. Simply because nothing has worked yet, that cannot mean that nothing ever will. This simple limiting belief was the thing stopping him from being free.
If you were to ask him now how his anxiety is you would hear “I don’t do anxiety anymore”.

I’m curious, what are your limiting beliefs? So many people have used Hypnosis and NLP successfully that your beliefs could be stopping you from a bright and compelling future. The one you truly deserve.

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