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Neuro linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP is a fascinating tool for behavioural mastery. The genius behind NLP is in the way in which we actually process information and the effectiveness of our strategies in behaviour. Unlike other methods of behavioural work, NLP assumes there is nothing actually wrong with you, you have in effect just learnt to do what you do really well.  For example, we learn complex behaviours over time and mostly unconsciously.  So with most behaviours we don't enjoy, we somehow have developed a strategy for using it in our daily lives.

Understanding the structure of thinking and behaviour allows me to devise a new alternative way for you to respond.  Automatically, before you even know it you're doing it. A new strategy a new outcome.

NLP typically works very quickly because just as the brain learnt to do it, It can also learn to undo it.  Think of this - people have one episode of fear and develop a phobia.  How quickly was that learnt? Well, you can unlearn that very quickly too, honestly in less than an hour.



Imagine you know how to get from A to B.  Every day you move from A to B and see, hear and feel everything associated with A to B.  You brain develops expected behaviours for the responses arising from A to B.  All you can experience, understand and rationalise falls between A to B.

So if you want to change something it is difficult when everything your brain expects is from A to B.

Now imagine someone shows you A to B via X.


A different pathway, with different things to see, feel and hear.  A completely different reason for why, how and even what.  What would your brain do now?

You see the brain is an amazing thing.  If it is given a different point of view it will explore it, develop new neural networks, new ways of rationalising and new behavioural responses. So get what you want out of your behaviour.  Stop just expecting A to B.  There are another 24 letters in the alphabet……    It really is that simple!


Hypnosis is a commonly utilised practice to help people achieve their desired state and outcome. Every day you experience episodes of trance or hypnotic states. This could be whilst driving, reading or listening to music. This naturally occurring phenomenon is a fantastic tool that allows a very focused point of attention.  It is during this state that your unconscious mind is very aware of positive suggestions.

Using this state allows me to bypass what's called your critical faculty. The part of your brain that tries to make reason out of what it experiences. This bypass means the positive suggestions can enter your mind and be given an opportunity to sink in.  At this point, we can create life-like experiences of you living as you wish. This further allows your mind to experience the reality of what is yet to come.  Once you actually experience it, you have a framework to get it.

A great example I use is the idea of loving yourself.  If I was to say to you go and look at yourself in the mirror and say "I LOVE YOU". If you said it and you didn't believe it you would know.  You simply can't lie to yourself consciously. That's because your critical faculty is telling you what to think and the self-doubt would be obvious.

Now, when in Hypnosis, your critical faculty would be offline allowing you to make real and true decisions. It's at this point I will create an opportunity for acceptance and love.  So when you decide now, it's real. Without objection and without the doubt.  So when you wake from Hypnosis, you will believe it, because you actually decided, you said it and you believe it. Now begins your first step towards a congruent and effective you.


How much does it cost? +

The initial session costs $340.  This session is 2 hours long and we explore with detail what you desire and what steps we need to take to get your specific outcome.  I may spend longer than 2 hours during the first session because I believe that we must achieve the outcome we have set out to before the session ends.  This way whatever it takes, we can work towards the goal. Sometimes people require a follow up session, or request a second session for something else.  In the event this is necessary, this session is approximately 1 hour long and cost $190.  I guarantee that at the end of any session you will be satisfied with what we have done.  In the event you are not satisfied with the way the session went, discuss this with me at the time of consultation.

How many sessions will it take? +

Typically behaviours can be resolved quickly and in one session. Individual results do vary, however my clients typically leave feeling that they finally understand how to tackle their problem. Sometimes depending on the desired outcome it can take a few sessions to resolve a behaviour. However, before you assume that your problem is too complicated and would take forever to resolve, know with confidence that you cannot know that. Best to call and discuss that with me.


Will I remember what happens? +

Generally yes, you will remember what happens in during the consultation. Sometimes, people would like to forget something ever happened and that is also possible. However, this is never done unless you specifically request it.

What if I cannot wake up? +

We have comfortable beds in the clinic where you can remain.  NO - just kidding.  You will always wake up from a session. Some people resist the urge as they are having a wonderful experience, however, I'm sorry to tell you, you can't sleep forever.


What if I can't be Hypnotised? +

I believe that everyone can be hypnotised, however, if you do not want to then you won't. In truth, Hypnosis can be achieved during a conversation and I utilise a number of techniques that will allow you to reach your outcome, whether we use formal Hypnosis or not.

Can you help Children? +

Yes, Hypnosis is a wonderful and effective tool to help children.  I do prefer to deal with children 10 years old and up.  However, I often help children younger than 10, pending  a discussion and screen with the parent first. Parents are always invited to the session.

Can I voice record the session? +

Yes, I do allow the sessions to be recorded if necessary.

There are things I prefer not to discuss, will they come up during Hypnosis. +

The amazing thing about Hypnosis is that we are not interested in the story / context. Sometimes to get the best outcome I will need to very loosely hear what happened, however, I do not need to know the details and history.

If you prefer to share that, then it is ok too.


Is what you see on television real? Can you make someone think they are a chicken? +

Commonly people ask whether stage hypnosis is real.  The answer is YES it is real. That is the power of hypnosis. The thing is that the people who volunteer to go up on stage are already prepared to do something fun and outrageous. They volunteered.  Notice the Hypnotist doesn't randomly pick people from the audience.

This has to do with unconscious consent and personal objections. Think of it like this. When in hypnosis you will not do something you morally object to.  I cannot control you.  Otherwise, Hypnotists would rule the world.

I can however, suggest something that you would otherwise normally and happily do. When you're in Hypnosis your moral objections still override my suggestions and you won't play along and simply wake up.



Can I do NLP without Hypnosis. +

Yes, it is possible for you to do a session with NLP only. I spent many years getting the same outcomes without Hypnosis.

It's been two weeks now and I've already saved so much money.  To think I was worried about the cost.  It has now made me money.  Thanks so much. - *

Hanna, Smoking

I've tried everything to lose weight.  You allowed me to make changes I thought couldn't happen.  Now the weight is coming off without the diets, I just eat well more often.  No gimmicks, no starvation.  Just deep motivation.  Thanks. - *

Beatrice, Weight Loss

*  Individual results may vary.  Testimonial examples are personal experiences.

It's time to take control.

Life unveils itself to us every day and some of us float along expecting things to change. Let me ask you did you ever achieve anything, without first creating the chance? I doubt it. That’s because nothing happens without energy and effort.

We need focus, persistence and perseverance to make everything we want possible. Our attention and focus drives the desire and makes anything possible.  Sounds simple, right?

Well, it is, except it may not be working for you. You may be reading this wondering why things don’t go to plan, or why things are not the way you would like. You have tried to remain positive but you still believe that you can’t make it work.  So I am here it tell you that you have had it all wrong.

You see we create what we want. We create the desired experience and the attitude towards it. Now before you say “I didn’t choose to be broke” or “I didn’t choose to be depressed”, I would like you to ask yourself, have you done EVERYTHING possible to make your circumstance better?

That’s the point.  You haven’t found a way to.  YOU CAN!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve dealt with a so many people experiencing a huge variety of complaints and always wondered why people with the same condition have completely different experiences. A while ago I met two men and both experienced the amputation of one their legs. One of them became a world champion downhill skier, whilst the other was unable to find the motivation to get up out of bed. So what made these two men so different?

I thought about this often, wondering what made one so strong and courageous and the other suffer from the torment of his experience. Then it dawned on me.  They are the same, except the only difference is how they choose to THINK.

Would you like to think the same way?  Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?  Would you like help to quit smoking?  Are you tired of suffering and would like to regain control?  Then fast logic is for you.

“The key to changing the way we think is first knowing how we think”

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