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Join now and discover the 7 steps that make the Fast Logic Program life changing.  With the program you will learn Key secrets that can create lasting opportunity and potential. Learn what creates a mindset of excellence and how easy  it can be to fulfil your potential. Exclusively for you and for 3 days only,  buy the 7 Step Fast Logic Program at the heavily discounted price of $297. Save over $600 and discover why this program has helped so many others just like you. Still unsure?  I've included a satisfaction guarantee.  If your not satisfied with the program within 7 days get your money back.  Simple.

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To change WHAT you think, you first must learn HOW you think.

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What's included

Part 1. Understanding Human Behaviour- The manual to your mind.  Learn how we understand our experience and how we filter information.

Part 2. Who's driving your bus - A user guide to emotional accountability. This explores the idea of personal accountability, letting go of the past and guilt derived behaviour. Move forward without the weight of the past and learn how to tackle any moment head on.

Part 3. Fear and doubt - Discover how fear is used to create change. Learn ways to channel fear into action and understand the mechanism by which you let fear stop you.

Part 4. The box and ball - The Fast logic based puzzle that solves any problem. This fun analogy uses a logical argument to restructure your thinking about your problems and the concept of time. In the end you will saying to yourself - What problem!

Part 5. Goal setting and Desire - Goals can get what you desire.But how do you create the desire? Do you know what you want, but you can't be bothered getting it? This lesson is designed for you.

Part 6. Values - Learn how our values are formed and why so many of us value something but always uphold the value. Learn for yourself how to change the way a value is reflected in your behaviour. Discover inner peace, health, wealth and love with effective values.

Part 7. Effective communication - Learn strategies for stronger relationships and friendships. Understand how language and labels create challenge and expectation. Become an effective leader and importantly learn how to better communicate with children.

Share in my passion.

I believe that everyone has the potential for change.  My passion comes from being able to share what has been so successful for me and everyone who has discovered the Fast Logic Program.  Everyday in clinical practice I have been using the techniques of Fast Logic to change peoples lives.  I can't wait to share them with you so you can live to your potential.

"Create the dream - Live the purpose - Actualise the process - Love the journey"

Dr Themos Gourlas

  • Downloadable Content

    The 7 Step program includes both Video and audio files that you can download and play repeatedly.

  • Exclusive Modules

    Learn concepts that can not be found on any other program. Modules like ball in the box were developed as part of the Fast Logic Program.

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    Our open communication platform allows comments and feedback. Discuss topics and ask questions.

  • Loved by so many

    The program has helped so many people transform their lives. Satisfaction guarantee.

What others are saying

"The strategies in the program really do add another dimension to the way we think.  The method for delivery is informative and very effective. If you want to change the way you think then this is for you.

Costa Anastasiadis
Costa Anastasiadis Founder of Crust Gourmet Pizza Bars and Zeus Street Greek.

This program really is different.  Creating a very simple way to see how things really can change.  I strongly recommend it to all my clients.

Kimberley George
Kimberley George Healthy Mums Club Australia

In a faced paced industry where leadership and communication is key, Themos provided me with an effective communication tool and a mindset shift.  It is unique to say the least and well worth the time and money.

Con Zeritis
Con Zeritis Industrie IT

This program offers something different and refreshing. With unique analogies and interesting concepts the way I think changed.

Dr Edward Clark
Dr Edward Clark Sydney Osteopathic Healthcare
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